Telling STEM Stories

August 15, 2017

You know you have done it.  You come across a problem that needs solving and your brain goes to work.  You just cannot help but contemplate the best way in which to tackle this with some elaborate plans only to be shown a very simple way to achieve the end result.  Join Chris as he shares this and some thoughts on share stories to inspire kids and adults. Connect with Chris I’m Chris Woods…HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter & Podcaster, […]

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Dancing Inside a Straight Jacket

August 9, 2017

Today, we get to talk with Martie Hoofer about the realities of making PBL/Genius Hour work for her students while still meeting the strict scope and sequence expectations of her district.  She has learned to dance inside of her straight jacket so her kids will win. She gives credit to her principal for permission to try something different and credit to her co-facilitator, Kelly Looper, the school media specialist for partnering with ideas, resources, and co-teaching. Martie a 7th grade […]

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STEM Everyday #73: MTLAC

August 8, 2017

Michigan Teacher Leadership Advisory Council (MTLAC) and more 24 Teachers including Remarkable Chatters own Chris Woods will lead Michigans new council to help guide the state’s plan to implement the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). buy Office Professional Plus 2016 Key buy Office Professional Plus 2013 Key,4669,7-192-29939_34761-427172–,00.html   The Most Important Job at Your School Wooden Flashcards for Circles Diameter & a 3 Point Line Connect with Chris Woods I’m Chris Woods…HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter & […]

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STEM Everyday #72 Mark French

August 1, 2017

Small Ideas, Big Impact   Principal Mark French from Gatewood Elementary in the Hopkins Public Schools in Minnesota is Chris Woods guest on this episode of the STEM Everyday podcast.  Mark is enhancing his knowledge and skill in using technology to increase teachers’ confidence, student learning, and communication. Out of buy Office Professional Plus 2010 Key school, he enjoys cooking on weekends, traveling, and reading.  Principal French is in his fourth summer of Tweeting his summer learning.  You can follow […]

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PBL in a Widely Diverse School District

July 26, 2017

 Jayne Diaz shares her journey as an instructional leader in a widely diverse school district, helping teachers realize that stepping out of VMCE_V9 the structured and routine to try PBL is a move they’re able to take. She shares both successes and mis-steps (and plans for correcting her route) with learning by doing, whether that be with makerspaces or Project/Problem/Passion Based Learning. Jayne is a former district-level instructional 810-403 coach for Dodge City Public Schools and currently works as Assistant Principal at Ross Elementary […]

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STEM Everyday #71: Camping

July 25, 2017

camping /’kampiNG/ noun: the activity spending a vacation living in a camp, tent, or camper. Camping is a great way to open doors to a place that can bring so much to a persons life.  How many kids, young and old, have ever had a s’mor fresh off the camp fire?  Or cooked a hot dog on a stick?  Looked up at a night sky and wondered.  Not to mention nowadays it’s a great way just to get unplugged for awhile.  It […]

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STEM Everyday #70: A Special Connection to STEM

July 18, 2017

Perhaps the greatest technalogical achievement in human history was in 1969 when the Eagle landed on the moon.  Chris talks about those connections in life that make things special.  For Chris one of his connections is his birthday, it was on the seventh anniversary of this landmark event.     Keep up with NASA events at:     Chris Woods Host of the STEM Everyday Podcast HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter, iBook Creator, & Podcaster “STEM is everywhere…Let me […]

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Monika King, Todd Miller, and Steve Murdie from Maur Hill Mount Academy

July 12, 2017

***note: issues with audio quality due to connection issues during interview*** Today, we’re joined by 3 educators who have been practicing PBL for many years (remember, this isn’t new, folks).  Monika King is the Principal, Steve Murdie is a Physics teacher, and Todd Miller is a Biology and A&P teacher at Maur Hill-Mount Academy, a college-prep international boarding school in Atchison, Kansas. Teachers at MH-MA are acutely attuned to what colleges of all types are wanting from high school graduates. Facing […]

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Independence Day Special: Gene Clark (A.K.A. Chris’ Grandpa)

July 3, 2017

As we celebrate Independence day we thought this would be a great opportunity to take a look back to a special episode of the STEM Everyday podcast.   In this episode Chris interviews his grandpa Gene Clark, who was born on Christmas day in 1925.  Mr. Clark started first grade when he was only four years old, they did not have kindergarten.  He graduated high school at the age of sixteen.  In the Navy Gene got into radio communications.  So […]

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GInger and Amy Storer Converse about PBL

June 28, 2017

Amy Storer is a curriculum coach in Montgomery ISD outside of Houston, Texas.  In today’s podcast, Amy shares several stories about how she started practicing PBL — or at least she thought she was, but on reflection, it was still just a ‘project.’  She then talks about several successful and exciting examples.  The overarching theme we keep hearing from Amy is how she’s a constant learner, reaching out to experts (she shares a piece of GOLD about local experts and […]

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