Anabolic Cultures (Leading In Life #17)

by Tamara Konrade on July 25, 2014

in Leading In Life, Podcasts

What kind type of a culture is your workplace and home? Is it anabolic or catabolic?




.Anabolic Energy – energy that is fueling

Catabolic Energy – energy that is draining



Some Characteristics of an Anabolic Culture:

  • Fun
  • Respect amongst members
  • Members are engaged
  • Empowering
  • Inspiring
  • Collaborative
  • Lack of  judgment
  • Embraces curiosity
  • Acceptance
  • Awareness of our energy level
  • High morale
  • Expects greatness

As you think about your home, workplace, church community is it anabolic? Everyone makes a contribution, what is yours?

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