By the Numbers

with Renee Smith


As you might guess, By the Numbers is a math podcast. But this isn’t your “mama’s math”, this is math for “Their Future”. “They” are the kids in the seats today and all the ones to come. This is about what we need to change in math education to help our students be prepared for the real world when they leave our classrooms.

We’ll talk about best practices, resources, web sites, apps, and anything else that sparks my interest. There’ll be special guests, helpful tips and a little “sum”thing for everyone. “Count” on it!

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Is Faster Really Better? (By The Numbers #15)

October 9, 2014 “It’s not complicated, faster is better!”  If you believe the AT&T commercials faster is always better and for years we have taught math using that same theory!  We taught procedures and gave daily timed math facts tests to ensure students would become faster and faster at “doing” math.   We celebrated two things; the correct answer and arriving at it quickly or automatically.  Through our efforts a small segment of our population was congratulated and made to believe they were […]

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Write? That’s Right (By The Numbers #14)

September 4, 2014   Most of you know me as the math girl and that is absolutely true, but….before I was the math girl, I was the word girl.  I like to joke that I am a word”smith” but it isn’t a joke. I really am.  I often introduce myself to new teachers by telling them that my plans for life included becoming a noted children’s book author but (as I point upward) someone up there had a sense of humor and […]

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The Why And How Of Using Math Tools (By The Numbers #13)

August 21, 2014 Recently, I spent a day with K-6 teachers exploring the why and how of using math tools in their classrooms. The “why” is easy!  Years of research indicate students gain deeper conceptual understanding when they have teachers who engage in specific instructional practices.  The recommendations form NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics suggest that teachers employ 8 specific instructional practices. They include: A Problem Solving approach Children are Active Learners  in the classroom The use of Concrete materials […]

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Kansas Early Learning Standards With Carianne Short (By The Numbers #12)

July 22, 2014 Renee was a guest on The Short Giraffe Teacher where the podcast centered around Kansas Early Learning Standards. Kansas Early Learning Standards are aligned with the K-12 College and Career Ready Standards.  The purpose of the Kansas Early Learning Standards:   To create a continuum that links early development to school readiness and later learning in school and life;   To provide a clear statement of what young children should know and be able to do as a result […]

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Fractions In The Common Core (By The Numbers)

July 11, 2014 Renee’ and Tammy Fellers discuss the importance of teaching fractions conceptually in the Common Core.  They stress the need for students to conceptually understand “unit” fractions in various representations.  This understanding is imperative for students to understand larger fractions, fractions greater than one, and operations of fractions. This podcast was recorded while Renee’ and Tammy were out in the field. You can contact Renee’ Smith, Curriculum & Instructional Specialist at: 620-931-2528 Work 620-200-0763 Cell twitter @reneesmith1 Renee’s blog:  By The Numbers Facebook […]

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Small Group Work Stations: The Teacher Table (By The Numbers #10)

July 10, 2014 In a previous podcast, Tammy and I talked about untimed small group station. Today we are  talking about the teacher table and some key things to consider when intervening with students.  We will talk about the answers to these questions and more:  “Why do we have teacher stations during small group time?”;  “Do we need to see all students at the teacher table?”;  “How do we decide who to bring to the table?”;  “How many students should we see at a […]

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Carianne Short – Early Childhood Math Activities (By The Numbers #9)

May 1, 2014

Renee’ talks to Carianne Short, an early childhood specialist at ESSDACK, about  math activities you can do with your preschooler to ensure they are ready to begin school.   Carianne shares that your kitchen is a great place to work on early childhood math skills.  Examples include ideas like: sorting different everyday objects into muffin tins and counting the objects, rolling a can and measuring how far it goes, or discussing how the top and bottom of the can is round […]

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Small Group Math Time With Ashley Weeast (By The Numbers #8)

April 2, 2014 Join Renee’ as she talks to Ashley Weeast, a kindergarten teacher in Liberal, Kansas, about small group math time and workstations.   Ashley shares how during her limited time for math, with half-day kindergarten, she has taught her students to work independently in workstations while she works in small groups to support student learning.   You can contact Renee’ Smith, Curriculum & Instructional Specialist at: 620-931-2528 Work 620-200-0763 Cell twitter @reneesmith1 Renee’s blog:  By The Numbers Facebook @By The Numbers Be sure to […]

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Small Group Math Time And Workstations (By The Numbers #7)

March 20, 2014 While out in the field, Renee’ and Tammy Fellers discuss their on-going work with small group math time and workstations.   They share ideas about the structure, organization and expectations for small group time. Their discussion also includes information on student accountability during small group time. Listen in as Tammy and Renee’ discuss: The Need: Why have small group time in math?…in a perfect world it might not be necessary but in reality classrooms consist of individual children with individual […]

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Kris Styes – Cognitively Guided Instruction (By The Numbers #6)

February 25, 2014 Renee’ talks with 4th grade teacher, Kris Styes, who shares the power of professional learning for teachers of math.  Kris shares how learning and teaching through Cognitively Guided Instruction and the Dan Meyer “real-world” method have positively impacted her students. You can contact Renee’ Smith, Curriculum & Instructional Specialist at: 620-931-2528 Work 620-200-0763 Cell twitter @reneesmith1 Renee’s blog:  By The Numbers . Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.  ~Dean Schlicter . Be sure to subscribe to receive an email of […]

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