Intended Consequences: Intentional decisions lead to intended consequences.


with Gary Sechrist


Too often, a well- intended local decision leads to “unintended consequences.” The Leadership services division of the Kansas Association of School Boards will provide these podcasts at regular intervals to offer relevant advice, news and information. Superintendents and Boards making wise decisions based upon sound advice and situational awareness will lead to “intended outcomes” rather than the dreaded “unintended consequence.”
These KASB podcasts are designed for superintendents and local board members to make informed decisions that lead to “Intended Consequences.”

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A Reflection Of The First Year From KASB Leadership Services Consultant, Gary Sechrist (Intended Consequences #7)

August 28, 2014   Join Gary Sechrist as he reflects upon his first year in Leadership Services as a consultant for the Kansas Association of School Boards.  Gary not only notes that he has logged almost 32,000 miles while visiting 159 districts, but has a new found respect for Kansas superintendents and their local boards.  The perseverance of the Great 8 (the high functioning team of seven board members and the superintendent) to strive to improve their districts for the students and staff […]

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KASB, Service Centers Launch Partnership to Support Principals

May 29, 2014

KASB and four regional service centers are beginning a program designed to help building principals. The program is based on the power of an aligned school system using common leadership vocabulary with agreed upon outcomes and processes at the building level. The first year of the program will focus on both the art and science of leadership.  In year two, participants are encouraged to participate in the McREL Balanced Leadership program to develop the foundational skills emphasized in year one. […]

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Balanced Leadership (Intended Consequences #5)

April 23, 2014 This week my guests are Amy Wagoner and Marci Shearon, consultants for ESSDACK, an educational service center in Hutchinson. The Kansas Association of School Boards is a great believer of the research by the Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning otherwise known as McRel.  KASB uses this research for many of our learning initiatives such as the McRel Principal and Superintendent Evaluation process…and; as required of the waiver for added accountability in teacher evaluations; many districts are using the […]

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Going Through The Interview Process With Mr. Chris Vignery (Intented Consequences #4)

February 28, 2014   Chris Vignery Superintendent and High School Principal Pike Valley High School Technology Coordinator Pike Valley High School Mr. Vegnery has recently gone through the interview process at the North Ottawa County School district and was selected to lead their district as their new superintendent. This edition of Intended Consequences will give prospective candidates for superintendent positions a “hint” of what the application and interview process may look like in a representative district. Selecting a new superintendent is the […]

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Dr. Fred Dierksen, Superintendent Of USD 376 Schools – KASB Assists Local School Boards With The Superintendent Search Process (Intended Consequences #3)

January 22, 2014   Dr. Fred Dierksen is currently superintendent for USD 376. His career spans 32 years in public education. Fred came to Sterling in 1997 as the grade school principal, having held that position for six years. His work experience also includes fifteen years at Jetmore, Kansas. There he was the sixth-grade teacher and a three-sport coach before becoming the K-8 principal/transportation director for the Jetmore district. Dierksen graduated from Sterling College (1982) with a Bachelor’s Degree in elementary education, […]

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KASB Goal Setting Session (Intended Consequences #2)

December 2, 2013 Dr. Bill Hagerman Join Gary Sechrist and Dr. Hagerman as they review KASB’s goal setting process using SWAT analysis. KASB Whole Board Training/Leadership Whole Board Training is one of the most effective board development opportunities offered by KASB.  Whole Board Training is the on-site customized training to meet your district’s specific staff development and board training needs.  Whole Board Training works with an individual board (or in some cases, a group of boards in a region) to discuss issues, […]

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Inaugural Episode of Intended Consequences – Host Gary Sechrist KASB (KASB #1)

October 1, 2013

Gary L Sechrist – KASB Leadership Services Field Specialist Mr. Gary L. Sechrist is the KASB Leadership Services Field Specialist. Mr. Sechrist has been in educational leadership since 1992 and has served as both a building level and district level administrator throughout his career. He was named Superintendent of Promise in 2010 and was honored as the MetLife Principal of the Year in 2006. Mr. Sechrist has served on numerous educational committees and has presented around the nation on topics […]

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