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Jerry is a tech guy that explores tech topics. This program will help you with your tech issues without making you feel tech challenged… a nerd with social skills! We will cover tech trends, tips for users and have discussions with area tech leaders. We will explore tech trends and issues, look at what is on the horizon and have a good time!

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BYOD – Bring Your Own Device (Jerry The Tech Guy #9)

May 19, 2014 Brad Buscher Technology Systems Supervisor at Cheney USD 268, Kansas and Independant Zija Distributor shares how talk BYOD to school. What are you going to do when the environment is not consistent?  Is BYOD just for internet access?  Do you need spare tech on any given day? Does BYOD really save a budget?  How do you deal with a multiple format? Join Jerry and Brad as they discuss Bring Your Own Device and find out some of the concerns. You […]

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Aaron Bell – Changes For Mobile Device Management (Jerry The Tech Guy #8)

April 29, 2014   Jerry talks to Aaron Bell, from the Nickerson school district about changes that have taken place since the iPad was introduced in 2010. Listen in to hear what Apple has done with the new DEP, device enrollment program, that keeps the device stay connected to the mother program.  This is exciting since they can always be pointed to the MDM which not only helps with supervision, but can help with thefts as well. MDM, mobile device management systems […]

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The Go To Google Guy – Luke McKinny (Jerry The Tech Guy #7)

April 1, 2014   Listen in as Jerry visits with his go to Google guy, Luke McKinny/Tech director at South Barber. You can contact Jerry at: or call at:  731- GOT MACS (731-468-6227) Be sure to subscribe to receive an email of future podcasts.    

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Tech Integration In A Project-based Classroom – Dyane Smokorowski (Jerry The Tech Guy #5)

March 14, 2014    Dyane Smokorowski Smokorowski, is a language arts teacher and Technology Integration Specialist in the Andover Public Schools, as well as the 2013 Kansas Teacher of the Year. Her project-based classroom focuses on critical thinking, communication, global collaboration, and creativity while encompassing digital citizenship components such as effective online research, ethical use of intellectual property and Internet safety. Dyane believes in a project-based, student-centered classroom that helps students build skills in communication, planning, research and project implementation. The use […]

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Technology And School Boards With Kay Tibbs (Jerry The Tech Guy #4)

March 5, 2014 Kay Tibbs Kay has been in public education since 1985. A classroom teacher for 20 years, Kay taught 1st through 5th grades, was an early adopter of mobile technologies with Palms and continues to be a strong advocate of utilizing mobile tools in education. In 2005 Kay left public education to be the Education Director for the Challenger Learning Center of Kansas. There she discovered the power of project based learning and using a simulator to foster 21st century […]

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FERPA – Family Education Rights and Privacy Act With Angie Stallbaumer (Jerry The Tech Guy #3)

February 18, 2014 Angie Stallbaumer Policy Specialist/Staff Attorney at Kansas Association of School Boards KASB Legal Services  Kay Tibbs  Kay is the Technology Director for KASB.  She is a MACE (Mid-America Computers in Education) board member,  DEN STAR LC educator, Intel Senior Trainer, certified in Online Safety-Cyber Bullying and Celebrate Kansas Voices workshops. You can contact Jerry at: or call at: 731- GOT MACS (731-468-6227)

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Angie Stallbaumer Talks Internet Safety (Jerry The Tech Guy #2)

February 11, 2014   Adults don’t like to be forced to do things. Neither do children. We all like to have choices. In today’s digital world there seems like there are more and more choices to be had.  In the education world it is important that the choices available to children are safe choices. Join Jerry and Angie Stallbaumer as they discuss, filtering, COPA and CIPA along with other internet safety tips. You can contact Jerry at: or call at: 731- […]

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Meet Jerry The Tech Guy (Jerry The Tech Guy #1)

February 4, 2014

Jerry Butler started Jerry The Tech Guy in December 2011. Jerry has over 15 years of supporting Apple products in K-12 school districts. He has helped with a number of one-to-one laptop initiatives, setting up servers, cloning and wired and wireless networks. Recently Jerry has worked with several districts on iPad carts and one-to-one rollouts and has helped a number of districts write their Technology Plans. Jerry loves to help individuals or school districts set up their Apple products and […]

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