McTech2Go: Techifying it for today’s learner

Brenda Hauff

McTech2go will help you learn and explore tech tips for your classroom. It might be a topic we look at in more detail, like the main course, or just a tidbit of a side dish to go with your learning. In today’s busy world we need a little bit of information here and there to absorbed and integrate our learning into our classroom and lives. You can techify a lesson no matter if you are a beginner or an expert. I will be blogging about our podcast and look forward to working and learning with you. Let’s TECHIFY together!

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Opening Doors Build your Network – Without Getting In Trouble With The Fire Marshall (McTech2go #4)

August 21, 2014   Using twitter can open your door to the world. In today’s classroom we are familiar with visitors and observers in our classroom, but let’s build our PLN outside our building and district walls. Top educators and techies on twitter to follow. @brendahauff @principalJ @friedtechnology (Amy Mayer) @coolcatteacher @TechMinock @Techbradwaid @cybraryman1 (main twitter page – ) Beginners Twitter page – @Kevinhoneycutt @katieann_76   I got a little follow happy when I first joined twitter, which then I […]

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Why Do We Do What We Do? (McTech2go #3)

August 14, 2014   Why did you become a teacher? Why do you get up every day and go work with children? I went into teaching because I wanted to make the same kind of connections with students as Miss Serk did for me. She was my 3rd grade teacher and made me feel special. She went out of her way to make sure my dad could read to me. She worked with the State Library to get children’s books and chapter books […]

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Everyone Needs To Code (McTech2go #2)

July 24, 2014  Kids Need To Code Coding and programing in the classroom could not be any easier to integrate with and other iPad apps. The best thing about so many of the resources these days is as a teacher you do not need to know how to code. You just need to know how to facilitate and teach. You will find all the resources and links from todays podcast at Please join me for the the SimpleK12 presentation on July 31, at 11 […]

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Meet Brenda Hauff: Host of McTech2go (McTech2go #1)

July 16, 2014   McTech2Go is a collection of tips and tricks in the classroom to help you techify your lessons.  Listen to Brenda tell her story of how she connected with technology and learn where the name McTech2Go came from. This series will focus on technology tips and tricks you can use in your classroom and everyday life. Join Brenda every week, let’s Techify together. Brenda Hauff can be contacted at: Email: Skype: brendahauff Website: Subscribe to this podcast and many others!

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