Monika King, Todd Miller, and Steve Murdie from Maur Hill Mount Academy

July 12, 2017

***note: issues with audio quality due to connection issues during interview*** Today, we’re joined by 3 educators who have been practicing PBL for many years (remember, this isn’t new, folks).  Monika King is the Principal, Steve Murdie is a Physics teacher, and Todd Miller is a Biology and A&P teacher at Maur Hill-Mount Academy, a college-prep international boarding school in Atchison, Kansas. Teachers at MH-MA are acutely attuned to what colleges of all types are wanting from high school graduates. Facing […]

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GInger and Amy Storer Converse about PBL

June 28, 2017

Amy Storer is a curriculum coach in Montgomery ISD outside of Houston, Texas.  In today’s podcast, Amy shares several stories about how she started practicing PBL — or at least she thought she was, but on reflection, it was still just a ‘project.’  She then talks about several successful and exciting examples.  The overarching theme we keep hearing from Amy is how she’s a constant learner, reaching out to experts (she shares a piece of GOLD about local experts and […]

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How Did You Decide to Jump into PBL? Megan Nagel Answers.

June 16, 2017

Think you need lots of training to coaching to integrate PBL into your classroom?  How about a keynote speech and a breakout session?  2018 Kansas Teacher of the Year Nominee Megan Nagel is a 6th Grade Science and ELA teacher at Santa Fe 5/6 center in Newton, Ks.  In this episode of the PracticingPBL podcast, Megan tells her story of when she found that piece that had been missing from her classroom. Connect with Megan on Twitter: @megan_nagel Find Ginger […]

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Diversity, Title 1, and PBL? No problem!

May 31, 2017

Listen in as Jennifer tells us about her highly diverse, Title 1 classroom and the PBL that her students are doing.  She reflects on PBL in the elementary classroom, and the balance of direct instruction with PBL, specifically.  And she reveals she does NO whole group direct instruction for her reading classes and yet her kids have made phenomenal growth this year.   Connect with Jennifer on Twitter @jmill517 .   Jennifer Miller — 4th grade teacher, Dodge City Public Schools     Find Ginger […]

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“Those” Kids: Learners We All Have

May 17, 2017

Today, we’re talking with longtime friend, Cindy Sheets, a retired gifted ed teacher who taught K-6 students.  Cindy shares 4 stories about “those kids,” learners in all our classrooms who are sometimes difficult to engage in deeper learning.  One student is a “feed me Seymour” girl who always wants to be reassured that she’s on the right path.  Another story is about a group of boys who are a bit lackadaisical and spend more time making excuses to get out of work than […]

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PracticingPBL with a Small Town Community Vibe

May 3, 2017

Janine Addis is a veteran teacher who has been practicing PBL for 6 years at the intermediate and middle school levels for all topics. She was originally a special education teacher, turn co-builder of a K-8 PBL school, and now teaches grades 5-8 English Language Arts, and grades 5-6 social studies and science in a different K-8 PBL school. What a combo! Come listen in as Janine, a leader in this movement, shares her stories of heartfelt and authentic PBL […]

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Unschooling the Sit-N-Get Student – PracticingPBL #26: Ginny Ogden

April 19, 2017

Ginger is back telling the success stories of PBL being used in the classroom.  Her guest today is Ginny Ogden.  Ginny is a foreign language teacher at Jefferson Forest High School in Lynchburg, Virginia.  They talk about an exciting new opportunity for Ginny this year.  She is on a pilot team using a flexible schedule and more PBL to change the way students learn. Find Ginger on the Web Connect with Ginger on Social Media     

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Erie High School PLP: The Evolution of a PBL Program (Practicing PBL #25)

July 1, 2016

USD 101 in southeast Kansas has had a PBL program since fall of 2007 and has been able to establish and grow a strong program. Kellie Woolf, the Coordinator of the Personalized Learning Program and Steve Woolf, the Superintendent of Erie-Galesburg school district share some of the history of the school program, how it works, and some of the projects their students are doing this year. aquaponics hydroponics/seed center trees maker station NASA contest — 4 girls designed a device to […]

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Quick Question with Steve Woolf: Getting Practical About Building Relationships (PracticingPBL #24)

June 13, 2016

Ginger asks Steve Woolf, USD 101 Superintendent of schools at Erie-Galesburg Kansas about some practical advice for school leaders who want to help their teachers develop stronger relationships with students. As usual, Steve shares an inspirational story, while still delivering strong practical advice of what we can do. “It’s hard to have quality time unless you have quantity time!” Get your copy of Heart2Heart Teaching here: ucts/all/Steve%20Woolf Steve is a passionate school leader and powerful Best-Keynote speaker. You can […]

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Educators: Get Beyond the Rules and Get Into Relationships (Practicing PBL #23)

May 16, 2016

Steve Woolf, Superintendent at USD 101, Erie-Galesburg Kansas, joins us in this episode to share his new book, Heart2Heart Teaching: building an enduring legacy in the lives of our kids. The book is an ardent reminder about the the vital importance of strong teacher/student relationships. The book is packed full of heartfelt stories about real kids and educators and how a simple relationship did or would have made all the difference. Get your copy of Heart2Heart Teaching here: Steve […]

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