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Reflecting Back to Podstock 2014 – Behind The Scene With Jam Stick

November 26, 2014

Podstock is more than a conference. It is where you have a great time, you get a little smarter, and you’ll leave Wichita with a ton of new friends. Listen in to hear what happens when Kevin Honeycutt shares a Jam Stick with a Podstock participant.

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Creating a Unifying Classroom Brand: elementary version(Remarkable Chatter Special Edition)

June 23, 2014

I am lucky to count Ann King, a 3rd grade teacher and literacy coach extraordinaire from the grand state of Indiana, as a friend of mine. Check out her blog. Our mutual friend and her school colleague, Ryan Stroud introduced us face-to-face a couple years ago while I was working in Indiana and I always love to see and hear what they have going on in the hallowed halls of their Indianapolis school. So the opportunity happened that Ann was in Kansas, visiting her […]

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ESSDACK Learning Centers (Remarkable Chatter #26)

September 18, 2013

Amy Wagoner, current ESSDACK Learning Center Director, and Terri Peckham, former ESSDACK Learning Center Director, join Steve Wyckoff and Tamara Kondrade to talk about the history of the diploma completion program and ESSDACK’s vision for the future.  Some aspects of the program that are highlighted in the discussion are extended hours, the ability to work from home, customized class pace, and a customized schedule.  Join the conversation as Amy and Terri share success stories about the lives that have been […]

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Making It Great (Remarkable Chatter #25)

August 22, 2013

As more and more schools implement or expand learning by doing experiences for their students, educators are looking for examples and resources outside of academia to serve as instructional models.  One such model is the Maker Faire.  A Maker Faire is a showcase for people who make things and are willing to share their talents, creativity, and inspiration with others. The Maker Faire movement started in 2006 in California and rapidly spread around the world as people with diverse interests […]

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Remarkable Buzz – ESSDACK Learning Centers

August 14, 2013

Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas (ESSDACK) operates 15 dropout recovery programs across the state where adults of any age can earn a high school diploma at little or no cost.  Contact 620-663-9566 or visit to find out how you or someone you know can take the first step toward a brighter future.

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Kim Wolf and Kathy Preheim (Remarkable Chatter #23)

July 12, 2013

In this episode, Tamara Konrade and Ginger Lewman are joined by Kim Wolf, Pre-K through 8th grade principal at Stafford, KS and Kathy Preheim, curriculum director and assessment coordinator for the Peabody-Burns school district.  Join the group as they describe the elements of an authentic learning environment and share their personal learning experiences that have been the most meaningful.  As school leaders, they also discuss how they have dealt with the pervasive fear of failure in schools that inhibits change.

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Virtual Learning Experience – Avaya Live (Remarkable Chatter #22)

June 11, 2013

Virtual Learning Experience – Avaya Live Whether it’s called online learning, virtual classes, distance education, webinars, or something else, most people have a mental image of a passive, unengaged, non-collaborative experience.  However, if those same people saw AvayaLive, they would have a new understanding of how to do virtually learning the right way.  AvayaLive, a closed simulation experience, provides participants with the feeling of reality as they navigate an avatar through a virtual environment.   Mark Cosby, consultant at C-Point Consulting, invited […]

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Special Episode: Is Your Safe Room Safe (Remarkable Chatter)

May 28, 2013

    Corey Shultz – PBA Architect  Safe Rooms – Is Your Safe Room Safe?  The safest place for school children during severe weather is a designed/engineered storm shelter that meets Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines.  Corey Schultz is among the top designers in the country and has lead PBArchitects in designing 50 shelters, protecting the lives of thousands of students and residents of Kansas. Corey is a member on the review committee in the establishment of FEMA 361 guidelines […]

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Myth Busters (Remarkable Chatter Episode #21)

May 24, 2013

True or False:  Schools must provide a minimum of 186 hours of instruction for each Carnegie unit of credit awarded. True or False:  Public schools were first established in the United States to accommodate the various learning styles and student needs prevalent in the 19th century. If you answered “True” to either question, you need to join Steve Wyckoff, Tamara Konrade, and Bill Hagerman as they debunk many educational myths in this episode.  FYI–The time requirement associated with Carnegie units […]

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Educational Change: The Impossible Dream (Remarkable Chatter #20)

May 15, 2013

Change is hard.  Unfortunately the bigger and more entrenched the organization, the harder it becomes to achieve true systemic change.  That’s why advocates of school reform often become discouraged when change seems to occur at a glacial pace.  In this episode of Remarkable Chatter, Curtis Chandler, the 2011 Kansas State Teacher of the Year, targets his top three ways to transform education: 1.  Emphasize innovation and creativity 2.  Effectively infuse technology into the classroom 3.  Create a culture of constant […]

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