Seasoned Green Oak: Lessons to build a life on

with Kevin Honeycutt


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Seasoned Green Oak is a collection of stories from my challenged childhood. In these episodes I share what I learned and what I think people can take from these stories to build a life on.

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Christmas Miracle (Seasoned Green Oak #56)

February 9, 2015

Many wealthy people are well known for their philanthropy and altruism, but did you ever consider the fact that as a percentage of their income, some poor to average income people are far more generous.  People who give to others when their basic needs haven’t been met are the kind of people who will help you in your quest to build a life.  Ken and Anne White are two such people who gave what they had to help Kevin’s family […]

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Sob Story (Seasoned Green Oak #55)

February 2, 2015

We all have talents and abilities that we should use to help us build our lives.  Unfortunately, these gifts can be used in a negative way just as easily as they can be used for good.  For example, someone with a talent for computers can become an indispensable IT person for an organization or a hacker who commits cyber crimes.  Join Kevin as he shares how he learned to use his ability to influence people for good by listening to […]

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Wrong Room, Right Person (Seasoned Green Oak #54)

January 14, 2015

Can a case of mistaken identity ever be a good thing?  Would you ever sacrifice the needs of your family to help out a stranger?  Join Kevin as he shares his experience dealing with those questions the day he visited his dying grandfather in the hospital and found himself in the wrong room with the right person. . .You can contact Kevin Honeycutt at: Twitter @kevinhoneycutt Be sure to subscribe to receive an email of future podcasts.

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That Kid Can Draw (Seasoned Green Oak #53)

January 6, 2015

Everyone wants to feel special in some way, but for children in poverty, it can be difficult to find a positive identity.  If parents, teachers or other adults in their lives don’t help them cultivate their gifts, they will find something, even if it’s negative, that will set them apart from their peers.  Join Kevin as he talks about how important art became in his life, especially when he would hear people say, “That kid can draw!” You can contact […]

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Rags To Riches (Season Green Oak #52)

December 30, 2014

Have you ever wondered why some people are able to escape generational poverty while others can’t seem to find a way out?  Do the successful people have a mentor who guides them or do they have a single epiphany that opens up new possibilities and ways of doing things?  Join Kevin as he explains how he had both of those experiences, courtesy of Mr. Austin.   You can contact Kevin Honeycutt at: Twitter @kevinhoneycutt Be sure to […]

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An Ode to Sandra Martin (Seasoned Green Oak #51)

December 8, 2014

  Teachers know that they make a difference for their students every day in ways large and small, but it’s often impossible to tell when those influences become transformational in the life of a child.  Join Kevin as he shares the story of one teacher in Pennsylvania who changed the course of his life with a simple invitation.     You can contact Kevin Honeycutt at: Twitter @kevinhoneycutt Be sure to subscribe to receive an email of […]

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Sandwiches (Seasoned Green Oak #50)

November 25, 2014

If a friend invited you to attend a sporting event, would you expect to pay for the ticket or would you assume the tickets were free?  What about a dinner invitation–will it be all on one ticket or separate checks?  It’s always good to know what the deal is before you commit to something to avoid embarrassment.  Join Kevin as he talks about the time his family had to “Eat and Run” from a church dinner because they failed to […]

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Septic Tank (Seasoned Green Oak #49)

November 17, 2014

Every employer would love to have workers who are good at following instructions, but being aware of what’s going on and making judgment calls when warranted are also valuable skills.  Join Kevin as he talks about one of his early jobs where following directions to the letter caused some intense pain for a co-worker. You can contact Kevin Honeycutt at: Twitter @kevinhoneycutt Be sure to subscribe to receive an email of future podcasts.

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Cross Country Cure (Seasoned Green Oak #48)

November 5, 2014

If you think of life as a race, it is definitely a marathon, not a sprint, and we have to overcome many obstacles along the way. Breaking bad habits can be one of the most difficult tasks we face on our journey.  Whether you have help doing it or you go it alone, all of us can be successful if we find the right approach.  Join Kevin as he shares how he gave up smoking when he found the cross […]

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Breaking Bad (Seasoned Green Oak #47)

October 23, 2014

Most of us would rush to help a friend without a second thought.  However, a second thought might help determine what we are getting into before we commit to a specific action so that’s exactly what we need to do.  Even in an emergency, it’s important to know what you are dealing with in any situation.  Join Kevin as he shares how a rash decision to help a friend lead to a bad break. .   You can contact […]

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