STEM Everyday – Putting STEM into the Classroom

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with Chris Woods


The STEM Everyday podcast focuses on how teachers can infuse STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) into their everyday lessons. We will explore and share great ideas that inspire the students to want to learn while challenging them in the process. It doesn’t matter what subject or grade level is being taught, STEM can be incorporated into all classrooms. This podcast aims to assist teachers in giving students needed opportunities to learn and take charge of their learning, rather than having them acquiring sequestered bits and pieces of content.

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STEM Everyday #58: Monster Math

March 29, 2017

  Chris talks with CEO and Co-Founder of Makkajai Roopesh Shenoy about Monster Math.  Monster Math is a game which uses story lines to engage students and help them practice and learn over forty skills in math. The game is fully customizable to suit your student’s aptitude and you can choose between basic and advanced skills with a simple toggle. Website: Twitter:  @makkajai       Chris Woods – Host of the STEM Everyday podcast HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter, […]

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STEM Everyday Bonus!

March 23, 2017

It’s a bonus day for the STEM Everyday podcast. Our very own Chris Woods was a presenter at MACUL 2017.  He was kind enough to allow us to post the video of his presentation.  Enjoy!   Host of the STEM Everyday podcast: Chris Woods HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter, iBook creator, & Podcaster “STEM is everywhere…Let me help you see it & add it to your classroom” Find Chris on Twitter: @dailystem

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STEM Everyday #57: Education Conferences

March 21, 2017

Fresh off of attending and presenting at the 2017 MACUL conference in Detroit, MI., Chris gives his thoughts on the benefits attending education conferences.  How to utilize them for connecting with new people, share experiences, and collaborate with others. Host of the STEM Everyday podcast:  Chris Woods HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter, iBook creator, & Podcaster “STEM is everywhere…Let me help you  see it & add it to your classroom” Find Chris on Twitter:  @dailystem  

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STEM Everyday #56: Education Buzzwords

March 14, 2017

Buzzword:  a word or phrase, often an item of jargon, that is fashionable at a particular time or in a particular context. Buzzwords seem to be the hot thing in education.  Of course, there is the big one S.T.E.M which is for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics?  Maybe in place of S.T.E.M., you could broaden the focus into S.T.A.M.P.E.R., Science, Technology, Arts, Mathematics, Physical, Emotions, and Reason.  Is there a next big buzzword out there?  Chris gives his thoughts on this topic. […]

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STEM Everyday #55: Maureen Marcoux from Ardusat

March 7, 2017

On episode #55 Chris talks with Maureen Marcoux.  Maureen is Business Development manager with Ardusat.  Ardusat gets excited about providing groundbreaking collaborative tools, community, and support that are a natural fit in the classroom but can take those possibilities anywhere. Find Maureen on Twitter: @MaureenM31 Website: Twitter:  @Ardusat Instagram:  ardusat_ed   Host of the STEM Everyday podcast:  Chris Woods  HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter, iBook creator, & Podcaster “STEM is everywhere… Let me help you see it & add […]

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STEM Everyday #54: Allison Bischoff

February 28, 2017

windows 10 product key   On episode 54 of the STEM Everyday podcast, Chris connects with Allison Bischoff.  Allison and Jessica Gordon founded the Rozzy Learning Company.   ABOUT THE ROZZY TEAM As a preschool teacher, Jessica spent hours digging through Pinterest boards, education blogs, and old curriculum guides to find science activities to do with her students. It quickly became clear that this was not the best of use of her time! Instead of focusing on doing what […]

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STEM Everyday #53: Jeff Bush

February 21, 2017

This week on the STEM Everyday podcast, Chris connects with Jeff Bush from windows 10 key Online Kent Innovation High in Grand Rapids, MI. where he is a facilitator of learning.  Kent  Innovation Offers some exciting new concepts in learning, focusing on project-based learning in a team environment.  Jeff graduated from Grand Valley  State University.  He has taught a wide variety of Social Studies topics, including buy windows 10 key history, geography, government, and economics. Find Jeff on Twitter:  @bushjms […]

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STEM Everyday #52: Amy Farkas

February 14, 2017

Chris chats with Amy Farkas while at MACUL 2016.  Amy talks about her journey from working within the industry to becoming a teacher.  It is a great conversation of how giving just a little bit of your buy windows 10 Product Key time and volunteering with a class lead to what Amy is doing now in the education field.  She just does not want herwindows 10 Product Key sale students to think outside the box, she is looking for them […]

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STEM Everyday #51: Valentine’s Day Special

February 7, 2017

In episode #51 of the STEM Everyday podcast Chris introduces was you can introduce STEM activities into your Valentine’s day classroom.  From building catapults to his best standup to liven up your classroom, Chris shows you how Valentine’s Day is the perfects opportunity to add great STEM activities to you Valentine’s Day classroom. windowslearner   How It’s Made Valentine’s Day edition – Youtube Super Simple Valentine’s Day STEM for Your Sweethearts – Scholastic website         Chris […]

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STEM Everyday #50: Osman Rashid

January 31, 2017

#50 for STEM Everyday so why not jump into an immersive intergalactic adventure.  Go deeper into fun science concepts when you play Blue Apprentice, the online adventure based on elementary science curriculum.  Blue Apprentice is filled with engaging science curriculum from Life Science, Earth & Space Science, Physical Science and Engineering & Tech.  Give your child the best science learning experience today!   Web: Twitter: @blueapprentice Facebook:     Osman Rashid, Founder/CEO Galxyz Twitter: @osmanrashid       […]

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