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with Estin Talavera

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The Way I See It podcast that explores life technology and Estin’s experiences as a person who is blind. Adaptive technology to assist people with visual impairments will be tested. Estin will also share some of his personal experiences.

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You Can Exercise Even Though You Are Blind or Have Low Vision (The Way I See It #32)

June 14, 2016   Everyone can benefit from some form of exercise, even if you are blind or have low vision. But remember, before you begin any exercise routine, it’s recommended that you discuss it with your doctors. It is common for blind children to limit their activety by choosing to stay indoors to be with their computer instead of being physically active. Join Eastin Televera as he shares his lack of exercise as a youth is affecting his health now. You can contact Estin at: […]

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IOS 9 and Voice Over (The Way I See It #31)

December 21, 2015   Join Estin as he reviews the features of IOS 9.01 accessibility. Hear how he likes the vo keys for text selection are beneficial as well as if the voices are pleasant for the user. You can contact Estin at: twitter @estintalavera email Be sure to sign up to receive notification of future podcasts.    

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The Way I See It Special Edition ( A Trip To KSSB Boys Weekend)

September 25, 2015   Estin is making a trip to KSSA boys weekend where boys with visual impairments get an opportunity to socialize and explore new adventures in a safe, supervised setting. In this podcast Estin shares some of his expectation of KSSB boys weekend. You can contact Estin at: twitter @estintalavera email Be sure to sign up to receive notification of future podcasts.

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Google Hangouts Becomes Assessable For The Blind (The Way I See It #30)

September 24, 2015   Blind and otherwise visually impaired people now have an easier time using Google+ Hangouts group video chats. In this podcast Estin reviews Hangouts and gives it his seal of approval. Estin appreciates how Google is making the changes to make Hangouts more assessable to the blind user. You can contact Estin at: twitter @estintalavera email Be sure to sign up to receive notification of future podcasts.

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Joel Zeisler, Executive Director & Founder of LOF Adaptive Skiers (The Way I See It #29)

July 24, 2015   In this podcast host Estin Talavera speaks with Joel Zeisler manager and overseer of the water sports activities at LOF Adaptive Skiers.  Joel has helped  make LOF Adaptive Skiers a leader in adaptive waterskiing here in the US. LOF  provides adaptive waterskiing clinics on an ongoing basis from beginner to advanced levels with its season usually starting in June and ending in October.  Their mission is to  build lasting confidence and fulfillment, through exposure and professional training in recreational and competitive […]

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Kansas Youth Qualifies For The National Braille Challenge (The Way I See It #28)

June 9, 2015   The National Braille Challenge is a prestigious event where the top-scoring 60 contestants nationally will be invited to Los Angeles in June for a Final Round—two days of competition, camaraderie and fun. Braille Challenge contest categories include reading comprehension, braille speed and accuracy, proofreading, spelling and reading tactile charts and graphs. In this episode Estin visits with a young Kansas qualifier about what it took to qualify and what his expectations are of the national challenge. Also, did you […]

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6 Dot Braille Labeler With Glenn Dobbs (The Way I See It #27)

May 11, 2015   Glenn Dobbs visits with Estin Talaver in regards to the new 6 Dot braille labeler that LoganTech has developed.  LoganTech was established in 2015 to realign   and as well as to deliver new products of AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication), low vision, and Braille technology. Join Estin as he visits with Glenn Dobbs to hear what sparked Glenn to have the passion to create new technology tools to help those that need assistive technology. Contract Glenn Dobbs at Phone: 203-721-6074 You can […]

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Reflection of CSUN15 (The Way I See It #26)

April 14, 2015   There are Google tools available now to help blind or low-vision people. These tools include customized settings, keyboard shortcuts, and browser plug-ins. You may need to configure a few settings to allow access to some of the google options. Google Apps users may want to refer to the “Google Apps for Blind and Low-Vision Users” page.  It  provides information about how the apps work with a screenreader, plus keyboard shortcut and navigation information. You can contact Estin at: twitter @estintalavera email Be sure to sign up […]

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CSUN15 An Assistive Technology Conference (The Way I See It #25)

March 4, 2015   Estin is currently attend the conference is the largest of its kind in the world. The conference is the Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference, that provides an inclusive setting for researchers, practitioners, exhibitors, end users, speakers and other participants a place to share knowledge and best practices in the field of assistive technology and his hosted by The Center on Disabilities. The CSUN conference is known as for showcasing cutting edge technology and practical solutions that can […]

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An Accessibility Trick For Your iPhone (The Way I See It #23)

February 5, 2015   There are roughly 6 billion cell phone subscribers that are staying connected. Cell phones have become vital to key activities in our lives, such as getting health information and using them for political and civic purposes.  Most of us do not think of a phone as a potential useful assistive technology tool. Listen in as Estin demonstrates how setting a customized vibration on your phone can be a useful tool for not only the blind, but for the hearing impaired […]

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