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The Way I See It podcast that explores life technology and Estin’s experiences as a person who is blind. Adaptive technology to assist people with visual impairments will be tested. Estin will also share some of his personal experiences.

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Braille Is Here To Stay (The Way I See It #22)

January 9, 2015

Louis Braille, a French educator, developed the Braille system of printing and writing for the blind. It has been over a century and a half since Braille developed the form of writing which used raised dots. It seems as if the Braille system was not fully accepted until a couple years after the death of its creator Louise Braille.  The version that is used today was first used in the USA in 1860 at the Missouri School for the Blind. Join Estin Talavera as he […]

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Carrie Greenwood-Kansas Youth Empowerment Academy & Youth Leadership Forum (The Way I See It #21)

December 5, 2014 Carrie Greenwood Program Coordinator Carrie has been the Program Coordinator for KYEA since January of 2009. She previously served as the Outreach Coordinator and has been with KYEA since its creation in 2005. Carrie attended the first ever Kansas Youth Leadership Forum in 2001 and has stayed involved with the program ever since. She has a passion for promoting diversity, empowerment, and education amongst ALL people, especially youth and women with disabilities. She expresses her passion through her job […]

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Talking Battery Bank Review (The Way I See It #20)

December 1, 2014   You look down and your phone, it only has 2% of its battery left and you really need to have it asap; so what do you do?  Plug it in of course and keep watching until you have the charge you need.  If you are blind you can not see the percentage of charge your batter has so what might you do then?  Listen in as Estin reviews a talking battery bank. You can contact Estin at: twitter @estintalavera […]

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Measuring Liquid Medicine for the Totally Blind (The Way I See It #19)

November 18, 2014   For some, the thought of taking liquid medicine is the challenge.  Imagine not only thinking of being able to handle the taste, but being able to get the right dosage because you can not see the medicine to dispense.  For those that are visually impaired or totally blind the real challenge is not the taste, but how to measure the liquid medicine.  Join Estin as he demonstrates how the totally blind can measure and dispense their own medication when […]

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iBill Talking Bank Note Identifier (The Way I See It #18)

November 3, 2014

With the technology of the iBill money reader the user is enabled rapid and immediate identification of paper money without having to depend on anyone. Some of the features of the iBill are: Extremely easy to use and ready at all times – identifies at the press of a button Provides instantaneous response — most bills are identified in less than one second Recognizes all US bills in circulation – $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 Announces denomination in […]

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Estin Talavera Reviews iOS 8’s New Braille Screen Input (The Way I See It #17)

September 22, 2014 When you first update to iOS8, braille will not be enabled. You will have to enable it by opening the Settings app, go to General, then Accessibility, then VoiceOver, and then Rotor. Once you have found the “Braille screen input” option, double tap to select it (if it is already selected for some reason, simply leave it alone). In the initial release of iOS8, this option is the very last one in the list. Once you have selected it you are set to start using braille […]

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TapTapSee – Blind & Visually Impaired Camera (The Way I See It #16)

August 8, 2014   TapTapSee is designed to help the blind and visually impaired identify objects they encounter in their daily lives.Simply double tap the screen to take a photo of anything, at any angle, and hear the app speak the identification back to you (Note: Spoken identification requires VoiceOver to be turned on).TapTapSee helps the blind and visually impaired become more independent in their day-to-day activities.  An example of this is when Estin used the TapTapSee on a bottle to see […]

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How Technology Balances My Playing Field (The Way I See It #14)

July 14, 2014

Estin recently was a guest on ‘stockTalk with co-hosts Ginger Lewman and Andrea Keller.  Ginger and Andrea visited with the Podstock newbie about his presentation called, “How Technology Balances My Playing Field.” Listen in as Estin highlights portions of his session, and how many of the low/no vision technology can also double to support other people with disabilities. Ginger on Twitter: Ginger’s blog: Andrea on Twitter: Andrea’s blog: You can contact Estin at: twitter @estintalavera email This podcast was first published […]

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A Camper’s Perspecitve Of Envision’s Assistive Technology Camp (The Way I See It #13)

June 24, 2014 Assistive Technology Camp Envision Assistive Technology Program is a week-long educational experience for both middle school and high school students with vision impairments. The program includes computer training, career development, experiential learning, and mentoring with professionals who use assistive technology in their fields. Throughout the program, students learn more about interacting in social settings, business etiquette and study skills. Listen in as Estin visits with a student that recently attended ATC. For more information on Envision click on the ENVISION image […]

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Screen Readers (The Way I See It #12)

June 19, 2014   Screen Reader or Text-to-Speech software is used to convert text from a computer document into audible speech spoken through the computer speaker. This technology is helpful to people who need or want auditory verification of what is in print on a computer screen. In this episode Estin reviews four of the most common screen readers. JAWS helps those whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content. JAWS reads aloud what’s on the PC screen and gives the […]

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