Dr. Steve Aguirre – President Of AESA And Executive Director of High Plains Regional Education Cooperative, New Mexico (ESA Talk #5)

by Mike Cook on April 7, 2014

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Dr. Steve Aguirre, President of AESA and Executive Director of High Plains Regional Education Cooperative, New Mexico, joins us for episode #5.#5 Steve Aguirre.jpg

Dr. Aguirre leads the smallest ESA in New Mexico consisting of eight rural districts ranging from 35 students to 1100 students K-12 made up of primarily ranching communities. In this episode, Dr. Aguirre shares a large picture of the trends he sees in education, ESA’s and AESA and how these trends will impact our smaller rural communities.

From helping to build technology infrastructure in New Mexico to leading legislative efforts through AESA in Washington, D. C., Dr. Aguirre shares some of the local work his ESA has done and his work at the national council level.

Enjoy this episode and learn the value in building consortiums, collaborations and what individual member ESA’s can do to help move AESA forward as a strong voice for education.

To contact Dr. Steve Aguirre, email him at saguirre@hprec.com

For more information about AESA, go to www.AESA.us

To contact Dr. Mike Cook go to www.essdack.org or e-mail him at mcook@essdack.org

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