Teuton Talks with Mike & Max

May 8, 2017

Originally aired Mar 18, 2017 In this episode of Teuton Talks, Mike B. visits with Max H. to learn more about FFA Week and to find out what the Inman FFA has planned for the week.

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PracticingPBL with a Small Town Community Vibe

May 3, 2017

Janine Addis is a veteran teacher who has been practicing PBL for 6 years at the intermediate and middle school levels for all topics. She was originally a special education teacher, turn co-builder of a K-8 PBL school, and now teaches grades 5-8 English Language Arts, and grades 5-6 social studies and science in a different K-8 PBL school. What a combo! Come listen in as Janine, a leader in this movement, shares her stories of heartfelt and authentic PBL […]

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STEM Everyday #63: Tony Tatangelo

May 2, 2017

Tony Tatangelo STEM in the Kindergarten Classroom Tony Tatangelo is the guest on the STEM Everyday podcast this week.  This is Tony’s second year teaching kindergarten for Iron Mountain.  He has a wide range of teaching experience from early kindergarten to college.  Tony is a graduate of Northern Michigan University.  For the kids in Iron Mountain, kindergarten is not the same.  Tony is adding activities like 3D printing, coding, hydroponics, or just going out digging up some dirt and looking […]

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Teuton Talks with Luke, Mike, & Jaxon

May 1, 2017

Episode from March 18, 2017. In this episode of Teuton Talks, Mrs. B. visits with Lucas, Mike and Jaxon to get them comfortable using the audio equipment. The recording was too good to not post.

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STEM Everyday #62: Daniel Mares

April 25, 2017

Chris chats with Daniel Mares.  Daniel has a wide ranging experience using and implementing technology into his lessons.  He is currently an Instructional Technology Coordinator and a Social Studies teacher in a K-12 school district.  Daniel also focuses on the most important thing in education, relationships. Connect with Daniel Twitter:  @danieltmares Blog:  www.mrmares.com Linkedin:  www.linkedin.com/in/danieltmaresedu   Chris Woods Host of the STEM Everyday Podcast HS Math Teacher, STEM Presenter, iBook Creator, & Podcaster “STEM is everywhere…Let me help you see it […]

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Teuton Talks Episode 1 author Jefferson Knapp

April 24, 2017

Teuton Talks Episode 1 (Feb 9, 2017) Payton Larson visits with author Jefferson Knapp to discuss his book series, his publishing company and a special project he’s been working on with a Kansas-raised NBA basketball player.

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Unschooling the Sit-N-Get Student – PracticingPBL #26: Ginny Ogden

April 19, 2017

Ginger is back telling the success stories of PBL being used in the classroom.  Her guest today is Ginny Ogden.  Ginny is a foreign language teacher at Jefferson Forest High School in Lynchburg, Virginia.  They talk about an exciting new opportunity for Ginny this year.  She is on a pilot team using a flexible schedule and more PBL to change the way students learn. Find Ginger on the Web gingerlewman.com lifepracticepbl.org steammakercamp.org Connect with Ginger on Social Media     

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STEM Everyday #61: Mary Ann Rogers Lamberth

April 18, 2017

Wow!  Who knew you could fit so much into one podcast.  Chris talks with Mary Ann Rogers Lamberth, STEM instructor plus Film and Broadcasting at The STEM Academy in Savannah Georgia.  Participants use problem-based, project-based learning in a collaborative, modified flipped classroom to plan, create, and present film and broadcasting products while analyzing the film-making and broadcasting process and evaluating respected films from the American and international canon along with current technology innovations and trends.  Chris and Mary Ann talk […]

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STEM Everyday #60: Calculators

April 11, 2017

The tools kids use in the classroom have sure changed over the years.  Phones once relied on a land line, you picked up the receiver and an operator connected your phone call.  Now we have added smart to the name and they will connect you from almost anywhere.  However, smartphones and tablets can be a great tool to use in the classroom.  But with so many apps out there where do you start.  When it comes to calculators choosing from […]

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STEM Everyday #59: The moment you realize you were meant to be a teacher

April 4, 2017

teacher: one that teaches; especially: one whose occupation is to instruct. Everybody has an idea of what that big important job looks like and how they will achieve that goal when they grow up.  But does Teacher ever top that list?  If you really look at it is there any bigger more important or impactful job than taking on the role of educating the future?  Chris takes a little time to talk about his journy to becoming a teacher.   Chris […]

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