Three Ideas On How To Put STEM Into Your Classroom (STEM Everyday #38)

February 11, 2016

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s thought provoking.  Yep it’s STEM, science, technology, engineering and Math. Listen in as Chris Woods gives you three great ways to put STEM into your classroom. 1. Link of the day 2. Change your computer background 3. STEM & Tell You can always reach Chris Woods at: Twitter:@dailystem Email: Be sure to subscribe to receive an email of future podcasts.

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Chris Woods and Marion Leary Reflect On STEM At Disney (STEM #33 Recap)

December 7, 2015

They say if you have a job you love you will never work a day in your life.  That must be true for Lindsay Mullen, an enginEAR from Disney.  Join Chris and Marion as they reflect on all the wonderful STEM opportunities that are at Disney. For the original podcast with Lindsay Mullen go to: You can reach Marion Leary at: Facebook Twitter You can always reach Chris Woods at: Twitter:@dailystem Email: Be sure to subscribe to receive an email of […]

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Stephanie Evans – Aerospace Engineer And Proponent For Women In STEM (STEM Everyday Special STEAMrollrs #3)

October 2, 2015

With the announcement that salty liquid water flows on Mars new debates about whether the Red Planet’s environment could support life are sparked.  This exciting information is now stimulating conversations and learning opportunities in the class room. In this special episode Marion Leary visits with Steph Evans an advocate for women in the STEM fields.  Steph herself is active in the STEM fields since she is a systems engineer and rocket scientist. Lets get nerdy and hear what this young rocket scientist […]

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Marion Leary Talks To Astronaut Abby – 18 Year Old Aspiring NASA Astronaut (STEM Everyday Special #2)

September 4, 2015

So many young people have dreams, but are too afraid to follow them. Join Chris Woods and Marion Leary as they visit with Astronaut Abby, a 18 year old that has known what she has wanted to do with her life since she has been five years old. Abigail Harrison is a girl with a dream of becoming a NASA astronaut and being the first astronaut to Mars. With a dream like that Abby realizes it takes setting goals and working […]

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Wayne Carley – Publisher And Senior Editor S.T.E.M. Magazine (STEM Everyday #21)

March 11, 2015

Wayne Carley is the publisher and senior editor for all content in S.T.E.M. Magazine. S.T.E.M. Magazine believes that the key to success in seeing higher graduation rates, improved testing results and a strong national workforce rests in the hands of the teacher. With that said, S.T.E.M. Magazine will focuses on issues and resources to support educators. S.T.E.M. Magazine realizes it is important to inspire and fuel the creative process of curriculum presentation while addressing the personal needs associated by the relentless […]

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Delfina Azevedo Barschdorf Putting STEM Into Zimbabwe’s Classrooms (STEM Everday #19)

February 17, 2015

Please excuse the audio, as Delfina stated in an email, “Zim internet is very unpredictable”.  It seems as the interview was being recorded Zimbabwe’s internet was not cooperating.   Delfina Azevedo Barschdorf is a language teacher who’s working in Zimbabwe researching and attempting to incorporate STEM/STEAM into the Zimbabwe classrooms. Delfina said it best when she stated that she is always ready to talk about Communication Tools for Maths and Get Real Maths – the models can also be adapted to […]

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