1 WBC Where schools are coming from, and where they are going to

Tamara Konrade and Steve Wyckoff discuss their big picture views on the state of education in America. Check out their mind map of their content made in Mindmeister.

The five areas that Tamara and Steve discuss are:

  • What we teach TO What kids want to know, do, and be like
  • How we teach TO Learning experiences and opportunities
  • How we organize to teach TO How we organize to learn
  • Leadership
  • Assessment

Daniel Pink :
Algorithmic: follow a set of established instructions down a single pathway to one conclusion.
Heuristic: No algorithm exists, you must experiment and devise novel solutions.

McKinsey and Company estimates that …
70% of jobs being created in America are heuristic in nature
30% of jobs being created in America are algorithmic in nature.