Energy Assessment and Mentoring (Remarkable Chatter #11)

Google ChromeScreenSnapz001In this episode of Remarkable Chatter, Steve Wyckoff and Tamara Konrade discuss the Energy Leadership Assessment Index, a tool developed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC).  Tamara had the opportunity to actually take the assessment and participate in a debriefing session with Susan Gonzales from IPEC.  Calling the experience “transformational,” Tamara talks about the insights she gained as a leader when she learned about the two types of energy people exhibit: anabolic (high level) and catabolic (low level) and the seven levels of energy:

    • Level 1-Victim
    • Level 2-Conflict
    • Level 3-Responsibility
    • Level 4-Concern
    • Level 5-Reconciliation
    • Level 6-Synthesis
    • Level 7-Non-judgment

Join Tamara and Steve as they discuss the behaviors people display when they are operating at each of the energy levels and what leaders can do to impact and influence themselves and those around them to move to a higher energy level.  Tamara also talks about energy levels and how they impact leadership in her blog Choosing 2 Learn.

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