The Remarkable Assistant Principal Tom Albers and Rosary Beads as Gang Symbol (Remarkable Principal #2)

Today’s interview is with Kansas Association of Secondary School Principals (KASSP) Assistant Principal of the year Tom Albers …

Tom Albers named Assistant Principal of the Year

Each year, the Kansas Association of Secondary School Principals (KASSP) and VIRCO recognize middle school and secondary school principals for outstanding and exemplary leadership – in the organization and to the profession. This year, Tom Albers, Hays High School, has been named Assistant Principal of the Year.Albers has served in his current position for 11 years. Previously, Albers served as assistant principal at Pittsburg High School for a year. His career in education began in 1988, when he accepted a position teaching 8th grade mathematics and Algebra I at Liberty Middle School in Pratt and then at Pratt High School. During Albers tenure in Pratt, he also coached football, and basketball.In 1988, Albers earned his B.S. in Mathematics from Fort Hays State University. He went on to graduate with a M.S. in Education Administration from Fort Hays State University in 1998.

Albers’ wife, Tina, is a a pre-school teacher in the Hays district. He is the proud father of 5 children – MacKenzie (a freshman at Fort Hays State University), Kord (a junior at Hays High School), Adyson (a 6th grader at Hays Middle School), Brenlynn (a 1st grader at

O’loughlin grade school), and Brogan (attending 4 year old pre-school in his mom’s pre-school class.)


Jim Menze’s book, New Principal’s Playbook

Principals see it all…..
It’s just a question of when and where. In the New Principal’s Playbook you’ll find a collection of real challenges — events and problems faced by real principals in the field.

Each of the issues in the Playbook has been adapted from real life incidents, and as a collection represent a cross section of the things you will probably face as a principal.

With solutions in topic areas that include Student, Staff, Professional and Special Events, Even experienced Principals will find something they haven’t faced yet. But with the playbook, you’ll be that much better prepared for the next surprise to come around the corner.

What would you do? Responses 9/28


 I feel that NCLB was the shot in the arm that the Nation’s Education System needed. As a whole, the system had become complacent in certain areas. The added accountability and rigorous testing NCLB brought created the necessity from which great invention/reform is built. The current Common Core construct on the horizon, built on a foundation of rigorous and relevant course material and instruction, will catapult the US Education System well beyond our current expectations of what public education can be.


Assessments need to mean something to students and parents. That will make it more important for kids to do well.


Jim Menze’s Response: I believe we all recognize it is time for some changes in our way of educating and measuring achievement of our students. Those changes come at the expense of abandoning some of our most cherished methods and ways of delivering and measuring learning. Principals, at times, feel like they are betraying their profession by being critical of what we do. We must be careful to understand their will be a grieving process when certain practices and ways are changed or abandoned. The changing and abandoning must take place in a carefully thought through and positive process so the participants will have an opportunity to curse the change, receive and argue important points and considerations, and gradually get used to the new thoughts and changes. We, as leaders, must constantly keep the pressure on for improvement. Because we know that as soon as the pressure is taken off, people have a tendency to go back to the way things were.

Today we are doing the best job of delivering our educational programs that has ever been done. But, is it enough and is it what our kids need?

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