Five Ways Google Earth Can Save Your Bacon (History Tech #6)

If you think that Google Earth just provides cool maps to use when you teach geography, you are overlooking some really amazing resources.  Join Glenn Wiebe as he discusses five powerful features in Google Earth that can help you create some engaging activities for your students.

1. Google Lit Trips

Google Lit Trips focuses on the idea of creating Google Earth Tours based on historical fiction, novels and non-fiction.

2. Google Historical Tours and Events

The site focuses on historical events and is designed so that students are the ones doing the tour creation.

3. Historical imagery

Use the tool to help kids compare and contrast the same place over time and to practice historical thinking skills.

4. Tour Guide
A newer feature of Google Earth, Tour Guide provides guided excursions to and through a wide variety of geographic places, both famous and obscure.

5. Earth Gallery
The Gallery is 1000 pre-built Google Earth Tours available for immediate use. You can access the Gallery by clicking the button right beside the Layers area.

GE gallery

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