A Reflection Of The First Year From KASB Leadership Services Consultant, Gary Sechrist (Intended Consequences #7)


Join Gary Sechrist as he reflects upon his first year in Leadership Services as a consultant for the Kansas Association of School Boards.  Gary not only notes that he has logged almost 32,000 miles while visiting 159 districts, but has a new found respect for Kansas superintendents and their local boards.  The perseverance of the Great 8 (the high functioning team of seven board members and the superintendent) to strive to improve their districts for the students and staff was definitely impressive.Untitled-1

The past year has also allowed Gary to assist local boards select their district goals, assist with numerous superintendent searches and assist with local challenges. He not only witnessed the excitement of hiring the next superintendent, but also witnessed the lows of a district wondering if they would be able to put a football team on the field.  With all of the high and lows Gary still found it refreshing and enlightening to observe local boards and superintendents improve their local situations in less than desirable financial circumstances.

Gary Sechrist, representative of KASB Leadership Services will be sending a note to superintendents and board presidents updating the various methods KASB can serve their local districts.

Upcoming KASB workshops.

1.  KASB Fall Summits, September 30 throughout October 9th –  Clearwater, Garden City, Greenbush, Junction City, Oakley and Overland Park

2.  School Safety and Security Workshop, September 10th – Topeka

3.  Becoming an Effective Supervisor, October 9th – Salina

Don’t forget to contact a KASB Leadership consultant to assist your district with direction and clarity to your purpose.

Gary Sechrist/KSAB Leadership Services Field Specialist can be contacted at:
Email:  gsechrist@kasb.org

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