Augmented Reality Challenge #2 ~ Comparing And Describing Photos (Diary Of A Techie Chick #6)


In the last podcast Katie Ann got your feel wet with augmentation.  This time she will take you out  a little further into the augmentation world by using photos to get students thinking and questioning.

Steps to AR-2

When you look at the pictures you will need to answer the following questions:

  1. As you are describing what is happening in the photo use where it is happen. For example – on the left, in the middle, behind and etc….
  2. Use present conditions – What are they doing? and etc…
  3. What is the weather like?
  4. Is the location inside or outside?
  5. Use adjectives to explain the mood of the setting?
  6. How does this image make you feel?
  7. Would you like to be there? Why or Why not?

The app you will need is (STAR by Aug That) Supreme Tutoring Augmented Reality.

Share your your experience via social media.  Use the hashtags #TechieEdu and #AR4Learning.

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