Brian Jordan on Remarkable Leadership (Remarkable Chatter #14)

image_view_fullscreenBrian Jordan, Director of Leadership Services for the Kansas Association of School Boards (KASB), joins Steve Wyckoff and Tamara Konrade to discuss the qualities of a remarkable leader and to explain how KASB can help local districts develop those leaders at all levels.  To fulfill their mission of raising the level of student achievement across the state, the Leadership Services team works with every level of school leadership from principals to boards of education to help them understand and manage the change process while implementing state and federal government mandates to create a cycle of continuous improvement.

Join Brian, Steve, and Tamara as they discuss the behaviors that are critical for remarkable leaders to possess:

  • Building relationships and trust
  • Moving the focus of schools beyond reading and math
  • Practicing reflection/metacognition
  • Using evaluation as a tool for improvement and growth


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