Coach Centric Leaders (Leading In Life #19)


If you have not read this book, put it on your must read list:

Energy Leadership: Transforming your Workplace and your Life from the Core

This is a quote from the author:

“My role and gift in life is not to teach, preach, or convince anyone of anything. I am here to empower others to get their own answers, access their true dreams, and overcome anything that gets in the way of making those dreams a reality.”

– Bruce D. Schneider

Tamara and Tammy reflect on characteristics and skills of a Coach Centric Leader. But first they remind us of the iPec definition of a leader. Everyone is a leader either by choice or default. A leader helps themselves and others to take purposeful action to achieve the results they want to achieve.

Skills/Attributes/Characteristics of a Coach Centric Leader:

  • Empowering
  • Expects greatness
  • Sees others as gifted and full of potential
  • Highly engaged/Committed
  • Visionary
  • Compassionate and caring
  • Sees opportunities/Open to possibilities
  • Non-Judgemental
  • Great listener
  • Inspiring

How are you going to choose to lead?

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