Community Student Councils and Common Core (Remarkable Chatter #10)

Bill Hagerman joins Steve and Tamara as a co-host for Remarkable Chatter.  He brings a broad perspective to the show as a former businessman, teacher, Board of Education employee, principal, and currently the Nickerson Superintendent of Schools in Kansas.

Bill Hagerman
Bill Hagerman

The focus of the podcast is learning by doing and the idea of creating a community student council to allow students to learn by serving as leaders in their community.   One goal would be to empower students to make an impact on their own community and make it a place they want to live.

Steve shares information about Marci Penner, the Executive Director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation and Jerri Kemble, Centre Superintendent and how they have a similar passion to impact and influence rural education.

In this podcast, Steve shares the idea of starting community student councils and asks how it might support students becoming college and career ready.

Two specific Common Core standards that would be supported with community leadership is understanding and respecting different viewpoints and making an effective argument with supporting evidence.  These important skills are needed in today’s workforce.

“I think we have systematically discouraged our kids from being creative and innovative. If we can engage kids with how do you help improve your community…we can start to nurture some of that creativity and innovation again.”  ~Steve Wyckoff

Listen to the podcast to hear ways schools are (or might) encourage creativity and innovation!  Again, It takes couragous leadership!

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