Connecting the Connectors! Jerry the Tech Guy talks Podstock infrastructure (‘stockTalk #4)


stock talk jerryHave you ever gone to a conference and just not been able to get online? How frustrating is that in this day and age, especially at a technology conference?! The brains behind the original infrastructure at Podstock from the beginning has been Jerry Butler, aka, Jerry the Tech Guy.

In this episode, Jerry talks about how difficult it can be to walk into an unknown venue and create the type of environment that will connect geeky educators at a conference where connectivity is key and everyone has multiple devices connecting at once!

Hint? The major key is developing relationships. Come take a listen as Jerry shows the warm fuzzy side to his wires ‘n pliers persona.

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If you’re interested in creating this type of fun, professional learning community in your location (and make a little money for your organization while you’re at it), let us know! We at ESSDACK offer the supports you’ll need … think of it like Friendship Bread. You can’t make the special recipe without a little bit of the original batch as a starter! 
Interested? Contact Mike Cook, ESSDACK Executive Director. 

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