Delfina Azevedo Barschdorf Putting STEM Into Zimbabwe’s Classrooms (STEM Everday #19)

Please excuse the audio, as Delfina stated in an email, “Zim internet is very unpredictable”.  It seems as the interview was being recorded Zimbabwe’s internet was not cooperating.  

Zim STEMDelfina Azevedo Barschdorf is a language teacher who’s working in Zimbabwe researching and attempting to incorporate STEM/STEAM into the Zimbabwe classrooms. Delfina said it best when she stated that she is always ready to talk about Communication Tools for Maths and Get Real Maths – the models can also be adapted to the other STEAM Subjects – She has also developed Scientific Skills for the Humanities which allow students to apply scientific models and styles of reasoning in History and Literature – that has been quite good fun too.

Join Chris as he visits with Delfina about the journey to put STEM into Zimbabwe’s classroom.

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