Developing Self-Regulation Skills Through PBL-Pt 2: Physical skills continued (PracticingPBL #15)

IMG_6656Brad joins Ginger in-house again for Part Two of Developing Self-Regulation Skills. Brads work teaches PBL teachers how to help children and adults develop better self-regulatory skills for better lives on down the road. In PBL, students are intentionally put into situations and challenges that help them learn to manage information, time, task, and group work ambiguity. This intentionally causes some levels of stress, but done in a safe environment where they can learn to develop lifelong skills. However, are these skills being taught intentionally or accidentally?

In this second of 4 podcasts, Brad continues to help us see a well-researched and designed path that will help students develop Physical self-regulation skills, which include identifying warning signs and learning how to calm the body down.

Brad Chapin

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