Dr. David T Conley – ASCD In Vegas (It’s A Matter Of Principal #12)


This is the first of two episodes reflecting on information gleaned from the closing keynote of David T. Conley entitled College and Career Readiness:  what we know and what we can do.  Dr. Conley’s presentation at the ASCD 1st Annual Leadership Conference in October 2013, not only defines college and career ready but tells us how we can make this happen for each of our students. Dr. Conley provides a framework for our understanding that includes four components necessary for students as they move into the post-secondary world: “think”, “know”, “act”, and “go”.  This episode identifies what it means for a student to be college and career ready as well as the first component that looks at the cognitive skills (“think”) that are critical to student success.

For additional information:
College and Career Ready by David T. Conley
Getting Ready for College, Careers, and the Common Core by David T. Conley
Classroom Instruction that Works by Dean, Pitler, Hubbell, and Stone
Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning by Doug Buehl

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