Dr. Peter Young, CFO, AESA (ESA Talk #3)


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Dr. Young has been with AESA and service centers since 1970… That’s 44 years of service to the youth of America. Enjoy listening to Peter’s journey from 1970 through today! His interview includes his ‘most memorable’ story over the years of his service in ESA’s.

Around the country, Peter sees businesses ‘waking-up’ to ESA’s as the great connection point for delivery, service, and on-going training for their products and/or services. Through the business partners of AESA, Peter helps connect the services and products of such with the member ESA’s. His insights and description of how AESA serves as the liaison between these businesses and ESA’s will help local agencies understand how to best utilize this resource. To investigate further, go to www.AESA.us and explore the business partnership page.

In addition to the business partners, Peter shares his thoughts around how cooperation and collaboration continues to be one of the greatest opportunity for today’s ESA’s. Back Office services provided by ESA’s provide additional avenues for cost savings and quality products for schools they serve.

Keeping contacts, connections, and relationships alive and active is identified as one of the primary barriers that local ESA’s experience. Laws, regulations, and policy from federal and state departments of education, in some cases, tends to be another hurdle when ESA’s aren’t strong with relationships with the governing bodies.

AESA offers the membership a strong voice in federal legislative issues, strong business partnership connections, and communications within the membership. To better serve the local ESA’s, he encourages increasing communication via enrollment of your key ESA personnel on the AESA mailing lists. To enroll, contact Peter at pyoung@AESA.us

For more information you can connect Peter at www.AESA.us or pyoung@AESA.us

You can contact Dr. Mike Cook at  www.ESSDACK.org or mcook@essdack.org

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