Dr. Randy Sprick – A Three Legged Stool Approach – Part I (Its A Matter Of Principal #9)


Research from NEA states that out of the approximately 200,000 new teachers hired every year that at least 11% have quit by summer, 30% have quit after 3 years and 45% after 5 years.

The number one reason for their departure is NOT salary but is the lack of administrative support and overall respect that they feel they receive as teachers.  On average a teacher that has to be replaced costs the district approximately $11,000.

So, what can an administrator do to diminish the likelihood of losing teachers in their building and/or district?

Join Amy and Marci as they talk to Dr. Randy Sprick of Safe and Civil Schools as he explains the  Three Legged Stool Approach to building or district-wide support for teachers.

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