Energy that is Draining (Leading In Life #9)


In this episode, Tammy and Tamara discuss a blog post written by Seth Godin called,  The Care and Feeding (and Shunning) of Vampires. We challenge our listeners to read the blog post and reflect on the vampires in your life and how you respond to them.

The more we can inspire others to grow (not change), the better. Don’t encourage those who feed on other’s failures. Keep your energy high regardless of the energy around you! It isn’t about proving others wrong. It is about raising your consciousness and choosing how you play the game of life.

We have the responsibility to align our values and actions to the organizational goals. Our individual preferences do not trump the organizational needs.

In Seth’s post, he mentions that there are people who find everything wrong with something and so we challenge you to look for the good. The good in people, in yourself, and in your circumstances.


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