Equity Is Not A Strategy (It’s A Matter Of Principal #18)

javiusFounder and CEO of EDEquity, Dr. Edwin Javius visits with Amy and Marci regarding his work with school leaders across the nation. EdEquity has worked with schools and school leadership since 2001 to support teachers and systems to insure a quality education for all students. In this podcast, Dr. Javius defines the equity gap and discusses how the adults in the system need to work together to close this gap. Specifically, what is the role of the effective principal as it relates to three critical components?

·   The importance of leaders becoming “thinking” principals and developing a school culture where teachers, students and administrators are working within their zone of proximal development (ZPD).

·   The importance of PLC’s as key to school transformation.

·   The urgent need for principals to acquire the skills of effective instructional leaders.

For more information on Dr. Javius or EDEquity visit www.edequity.com or call 1.877.333.7891.

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