Get Organized With Symbaloo (Diary Of A Techie Chick #2)

Is finding all your web-based tools frustrating, chaotic, overwhelming or just not “working” very well? Guess what, Katie Ann’s challenge to use, Symbaloo, a visual board where you can pin or make tiles will help you tidy up all those cool ideas you have gathered and have a tough time finding.

Come on, take Katie Ann’s challenge to create a symbaloo board. Remember you can use the public or Edu version, and remember you need to share one board, but your others you create may be private. And don’t forget to use #TechieEdue when you share the url with Katie via Twitter.

Katie Ann will be presenting live at MACE  March 12 & 13, 2015, at  K-State Manhattan, Kansas

The Techie Chick Challenge

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