Hardin Valley Academy English Department (STEM Everyday #16)

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The Harden Valley Academy located in Knoxville, Tennessee consists of  four distinct learning communities or academies.  The four academies are the BLPA Academy-business, law, public affairs and criminal justice, Health Sciences Academy-knowledge in health related fields, Liberal Arts Academy and The STEM Academy-science, technology, engineering and math.

The mission of Hardin Valley Academy, located in Knoxville, Tennessee,  is to provide a rigorous learning environment housed within small learning communities which foster social responsibility and academic excellence for ALL students.

Chris Woods speaks to Jennifer Pace, Staci Messing, Meshon Crateau, and Beth Love; English teachers from Hardin Valley STEM Academy’s Department.  During the podcast they share ways  students get motivated by using STEM courses.  They also address some of the challenges of a STEM classroom.

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