History Tech #41: Integrating VR into your classroom

Today on History Tech Glenn talks 3D and virtual reality.  VR can model the world in an incredibly visual way.  You can virtually hike the Grand Canyon or take a class trip to ancient Egypt.  And, it can also allow those worlds to be expanded and shrunk, played with and entered.

Google Cardboard – Experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way.

Google Expeditions – With Expeditions, teachers can take students on immersive, virtual journeys.

Google Street View – Explore world landmarks, discover natural wonders, and step inside locations such as museums, event arenas, and small businesses with Street View.

Youtube Virtual Reality – This is YouTube’s official VR channel.  It features the newest and best VR-ready videos on the platform.  Now get ready to do what you’d never dare, catch a concert a continent away, or take a trip out of this world.

Discovery VR – For more than 30 years, Discovery has told stories like no one else — transporting you to places you didn’t know existed and sparking curiosity at every turn. Now we enter a new chapter. Virtual Reality can take you to new worlds like never before, immersing you in time, space and story. Here’s a first look at our latest productions in this exhilarating new space — from shark-infested shipwrecks to freeboarding the windiest street in the world — with much more to come. Welcome to Discovery VR.

Within – Within is the premier destination for innovative, entertaining, and informative story-based virtual reality. We bring together the best immersive experiences from the world’s finest VR creators—from gripping tales set in worlds of pure imagination to documentaries taking you further inside the news than ever before.

NYTVR – Embed with Iraqi forces during a battle with ISIS. Take a meditation journey to the California coast. Climb to the top of One World Trade Center. Set foot on a planet three billion miles from the sun. Experience stories in an immersive, 360-degree video experience, reported by our award-winning journalists.

Host of History Tech: Glenn Wiebe

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