The Power Of The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (Leading In Life #15)

We believe in “People before Programs.” This assessment aligns with that value. The ELI is an attitudinal assessment that measures an individual’s energy and engagement level in normal situations and when under stress. The assessment is not a predictor of leadership ability. It is a snapshot in time as to how our beliefs, assumptions and perceptions are impacting our energy and engagement in leadership and life. The assessment helps people become aware of their energy level is working for them or how it is causing them stress.jigsawlocknokey

Benefits to taking the ELI:

  • Become aware of current energy levels and how our energy is impacting us under stress and in normal situations.
  • During the hour long debrief, discover possible energy blocks that keep us from meeting our full potential.
  • Provide hope. Realize I control whether I choose to react or respond to a situation.
  • As an organization, the ability to look at collective results of a leadership team and the impact the energy levels are having on the culture of the organization. It is a great tool to see where everyone is and what energy is helping us achieve our organizational goals and what might be holding us back.

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