Just Why Do We Teach? (STEM Everyday #41)

13151993_10207056603426630_8683604954656581310_nFor most teachers the year is quickly coming to a halt. With all the programs, sports and grades to finish in such a short matter of time they might be feeling a little overwhelmed. As teachers pour more and more time into their profession most would think it is for all the money they make. (Ha Ha, teachers know that that is definitely not the reason.)
It may surprise some, but the money is not why most of people teach. Their biggest payment they receive is when they receive a smile from a student when they finally understands what they have been working on the past week. Or the special thank you from that kiddo that just got caught up with the rest of the class, after missing a number of days from a prolonged illness.  Or the feeling of just being there when a kiddo needs someone to talk to.
May 1st starts Teacher Appreciation Week so lets not forget to appreciate all the things that makes our profession so great.

Join Chris Woods to hear what makes him come back every day to the classroom.

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