Kansas Early Learning Standards With Carianne Short (By The Numbers #12)

Renee was a guest on The Short Giraffe Teacher where the podcast centered around Kansas Early Learning Standards.

Kansas Early Learning Standards are aligned with the K-12 College and Career Ready Standards. Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.41.00 PM

The purpose of the Kansas Early Learning Standards:

  1.   To create a continuum that links early development to school readiness and later learning in school and life;
  2.   To provide a clear statement of what young children should know and be able to do as a result of experiencing quality early learning opportunities .
  3.   To provide guidance for early learning professionals that enhance and support their abilities to create experiences that promote early learning opportunities and sup- port families; and
  4.   To show that during the early years, children acquire skills, knowledge and abilities in all developmental areas (e .g ., social-emotional, physical, early literacy, mathematics, music) critical to future learning

Join Carianne and Renee’ as they discuss what are some of the math expectations in early childhood.

This podcast was first published on The Short Giraffe Teacher.


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