KASB, Attorney Angie Stallbaumer And KASB Technology Director, Kay Tibbs – Teach The Students To “Drive” Their Online Presence Safely (Cody Talks Education #8)

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.19.40 AMWhether technology is brought into the classroom or not, the student will be a digital citizen for the rest of their life.   Part of and educator’s job is to guide students towards responsible citizenship in the digital world… by introducing electronic devices into the classroom; students can be shown to become responsible digital citizens.  We can address cyber-bullying and build a sense of online community so that students understand that their digital footprint stays with them. The students’ ability to think critically can be increased by teaching them to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources.  And lets not forget that by bringing technology into the classroom, guidance can be given so students learn the responsible way to use technology and social media in their lives. This cannot be done if we ban technology and keep it out!

Join Cody as he visits with KASB Technology Director, Kay Tibbs, and KASB Attorney, Angie Stallbaumer about how classroom practices can teach the students to “drive” social media the safe way.

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