Purpose in Life (Leading In Life #10)

Mark Twain said there are two great moments in life: the day you are born and the day you find out why. In this episode, we discuss discovering our purpose in life. Once we discover the purpose, it guides everything we do in all aspects of our lives.what is my purpose

Why is there so much stress? In a recent blog post called “What Is My Purpose?”, Tamara shares a possibility of why people experience so much stress. Is self-care one reason? We’ve grown up to put others first and often times forget to take care of ourselves. It is difficult to take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves and lead our life with passion and purpose.

1) Does the project or task align with your values?

2) How committed are you? Commitment level is directly related to your engagement level.

Core energy coaching is about playing the game full out. As we play the game of life, be thinking about the purpose and passion of our life. How do our actions align with our values and purpose in life?

How are you showing up? What is your passion and purpose in life? You do have a choice. If your passion and purpose isn’t in alignment with what you are currently doing, you have a choice to act!

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