How the Environment Impacts Your Energy (Leading In Life #5)


In this episode, Tamara and Tammy discuss how the environment impacts energy and engagement in life. Knowing that our energy impacts us and those around us, how are you showing up when the environment isn’t conducive to your needs or different than what you expected? It might be noise, clutter, inadequate technology, and/or temperature that can impact our energy and the energy of our students. How do we become aware of when it impacts our energy to where it holds us back? The key is to determine what action needs to be taken so the environment can support action. Hey, some people choose to shove papers in a drawer so it is out of site and it doesn’t impact their energy and engagement at work (not mentioning any names…Cody Heitschmidt)!  The power lies in the choice of how we allow the environment to impact our energy and what we choose to do about it!

If environment is a major influencer on your energy, Tammy suggests taking a deep breath, pause, and ask yourself, “Is this really important to me?”

Have high awareness of your emotions because it impacts your actions, which impacts your interactions with students.

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