Social Influences (Leading In Life #6)

In this episode, Tammy and Tamara discuss social relationships and the impact they have on your energy and how you show up in life. We were born to be loved and when you don’t feel loved or valued, you can tend to put up defenses to cover up insecurities.  These defenses can include gossiping and treating others poorly.

Being around like-minded people is a way to keep your energy up so that you can show up fully in life. Many have a value of connectedness and Tamara shares her new rule that has helped her stay anabolic and confident about who she is…”Accept natural selection.” Even though connectedness is an important value, don’t allow others to define your value.

How do you interact with people who are not like-minded or around people who seem to “drain” you?

1) Release judgment.

2) Accept them for who they are.

3) Appreciate their life journey.

4) Show up as your authentic self.

5) Love, care, and have compassion for others.

6) Have positive self-talk.

Beautiful things can happen when you release the negative things in your life.

“Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.” ~ Ann Bradford.

In education and our world we have a competitive culture.  In our service center we have a comparative culture. Sometimes this can cause some social interactions that impact the energy of the team. Often times, the comparative culture begins with the inner critic, telling ourselves we aren’t good enough.

It is inner work that will help us have a more fulfilling and satisfying life. Be your authentic self!  Continue the journey of life!

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