Learning vs Doing, and Learning By Doing (Remarkable Chatter #15)

Learning by doing

Learning By Doing

In this episode, Dr. Steve Wyckoff, Tamara Kondrade, and Dr. Bill Hagerman, superintendent of schools at USD 309 Nickerson, KS discuss one of the big instructional changes facing educators today; learning by doing:  Learning vs Doing.  Digitizing content so information is ubiquitous has transformed knowledge into a commodity.  The teacher is no longer the content expert standing in front of the room sharing information because every student can become an expert in a matter of minutes.  As Tony Wagner says in his book Creating Innovators:  Why America’s Education System Is Obsolete, “There’s no competitive advantange today in knowing more than the person next to you.  The world doesn’t care what you know.  What the world cares about is what you can do with what you know.”  Join Steve, Tamara and Bill as they look at Wagner’s “Seven Survival Skills” that all schools should teach and discuss how teaching those skills can transform classrooms.

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