Level Up Village (STEM Everyday #45)

Imagine a combination of pen pals, PBL, Tom’s Shoes, and STEAM. That’s the idea of Level Up Village, a program started by parents Amy McCooe and Neesha Rahim. Their “unique curriculums stimulate unforgettable 1-to-1 interactions between US students and their Global Partner students – interactions that teach STEAM and design thinking through collaborative, real-life problem solving on an international scale”

Listen as Chris, Amy, and Neesha talk about how students can learn so much more from doing creative projects together with kids around the world, from designing a 3d-printed solar flashlight to reading “I Am Malala” to creating their own game.luv-logo-home

Level Up Village delivers pioneering Global STEAM (STEM + arts) enrichment courses that promote design thinking and one-to-one collaboration between U.S. students and students in developing countries.
More information is available at levelupvillage.com and on twitter @LevelUpVillage.
You can always reach Chris Woods at:
Email: cwoods@clkschools.org

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