Lindsay Mullen – The Wonderful World of STEM At Walt Disney World – STEAMrollrs Special Edition (STEM Everyday #33)

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Look around, it is everywhere.  Thats right, STEM, or may we say STEAM can be found all over Disney World.  Join guest host Marion Leary, host of as she visits with Lindsay Mullen, an enginEAR from Disney.

Lindsay shares some of the background of some of Disney’s creations that show just how diverse the STEM field can be. We are familiar with the artistic side of Disney, but most of us don’t realize how deeply rooted the STEM fields are in Disney.  At Disney the STEM fields are  developed and grown to push boundaries to accomplish what seems to be the impossible and make it possible.  STEM is the hidden magic of Disney.

Join Marion Leary and Lindsay Mullen as they reveal some of the hidden magic of Disney by use of the STEM fields.

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