Marion Leary Talks To Astronaut Abby – 18 Year Old Aspiring NASA Astronaut (STEM Everyday Special #2)

-Aipi_tpSo many young people have dreams, but are too afraid to follow them.
Join Chris Woods and Marion Leary as they visit with Astronaut Abby,
a 18 year old that has known what she has wanted to do with her life
since she has been five years old. Abigail Harrison is a girl with a dream of becoming a NASA astronaut and being the first astronaut to Mars. With a dream like that Abby realizes it takes setting goals and working hard each day to make it a reality. She also realizes that “it is a team effort” to make the goals become reality.

Picture taken from Abigail’s Twitter page.

Join Chris Woods and Marion Leary to hear how this young women is using the STEM field to enable her dream of going to  ‘Mars’ become a reality.

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