Math Education with Tammy Fellers (Remarkable Chatter #9)

In this episode,  Steve and Tamara discuss math education with Tammy Fellers, an ESSDACK Educational Specialist.  She discusses her background as a former charter school teacher and how she ran a business to help students understand math concepts and life lessons.

Tammy Fellers
Tammy Fellers

She discusses several challenges of today’s math education such as teachers understanding the standards and having a healthy balance for explicit instruction and investigative models such as project-based learning.

Tammy consults with districts, provides workshops and has created products to help educators better understand the math content and processes.  Her latest product, which she explains in this podcast, is a video series to help third grade teachers understand the fraction common core state standards.  These videos can be purchased at a very low price at the ESSDACK store.  The first video is free by using a promo code, which can be found on her website:  Choose  “Instructional Videos.”

Before coming to ESSDACK, Tammy taught High School math in a traditional and charter school and has served as an administrator.

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