Nix The Tricks with Tina Cardone (STEM Everyday #20)

trickAs teachers isn’t it our goal that our students experience a true mathematical moment and not just shout out a trick such as “cross multiply”?  In this podcast Chris and Tina discuss the need to rid the math classrooms of those sometimes entertaining, but most often confusing math tricks that are just shortcuts that can cut out conceptual understanding.

A little about Tina:

Tina Cardone is a high school math teacher in Massachusetts. Her favorite forms of professional development are twitter and blogs. Without Tina’s online math community, the book Nix The Tricks never would have existed. Tina enjoys crocheting and hiking, when she isn’t teaching or talking about math.2ndcover


Connect with Tina Cardone on Twitter    Tina’s book Nix The Tricks

Nix the Tricks: A Guide to Avoiding Shortcuts That Cut Out Math Concept Development

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