Noelle M Ellerson, Associate Executive Director AASA (KSSA Talk #33)

NoelleNoelle Ellerson

Associate Executive Director, Policy & Advocacy at AASA, The School Superintendents Association.

Ellerson is the legislative support person for the American Association of Education Service Agencies performing advocacy work for AESA. The Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA) is a professional organization serving educational service agencies (ESAs) in 45 states with 553 agencies nationwide and hundreds of thousands of staff members. AESA is in the position to reach well over 80% of the public school districts, over 83% of the private schools, over 80% certified teachers, and more than 80% non-certified school employees, and well over 80% public and private school students.  Noelle works to advocate and advise on issues of governmental relations as well as regularly speaks on federal education policy to school leaders across the country.

Join Bill and Noelle as they discuss such items as reauthorization of ESEA, IDEA and Carl Perkins. Noelle also gives her unique perspective of progress on reauthorization of each of the previously mentioned acts.

Noelle M. Ellerson

Associate Executive Director, Policy & Advocacy
AASA: The School Superintendents Association
1615 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Twitter: @Noellerson

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