Opening Doors Build your Network – Without Getting In Trouble With The Fire Marshall (McTech2go #4)


Using twitter can open your door to the world. In today’s classroom we are familiar with visitors and observers in our classroom, but let’s build our PLN outside our building and district walls.

Top educators and techies on twitter to follow.



@friedtechnology (Amy Mayer)




@cybraryman1 (main twitter page – ) Beginners Twitter page –




I got a little follow happy when I first joined twitter, which then I had to make some decisions when I hit 2,000 and my follower to followed ratio would not let me follow more people. So I had to re-evaluate who I was following that was not following me. Word of caution about the number of people you follow. If you follow too many people and they do not follow you back, you will not be able to follow others

So be carefully and don’t go follower happy if they are not following you back.

Make sure you add your picture. When someone sees you are following them and you have not added a picture they are less likely to follow back.

Don’t just sit at the sidelines, tweet, participate in live chats and figure out the hashtags that work for you and your needs.

If you want to check out a hashtag without using twitter, to observe for a while use the tagboard, a search engine for hashtags. You can find tagboard at website

Don’t fade away; build your virtual PLN network. Reach across the world to help you and your students learn and connect learning to the real world. Open that virtual door, with no fines form the Fire Marshall.

I would love to hear why you teach? And how you help students connect with learning and school.

Join my network and follow me on twitter at @brendahauff, also follow @essdack and @remarkablechatter for a supportive educational community.

Thanks for Techifying learning with me. Share your tech stories with me.

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